Table System 1800
A modular table system

The M1800 is not just a single table, but a system of tables. You can arrange into a standing table, a flexible standing board or a bistro table. The elegant design stands on its own with no need for a table covering. The standing table offers high stability and requires little storage space due to the narrow width and staggered leg position. Leveraging components throughout the system increases the possible product variants while minimizing inventory.

  1. bistro table
  2. bar table
  3. standing board
  4. seat table 

M1800 Bistro Table
Simple tilting mechanism

M1800 Standing Board
Stable and flexible

M1800 Bar Table
One-hand release

Thanks to its tilting mechanism, the high table M1800 offers the ideal opportunity to stow away several tables in a practical and space-saving manner. Operation is simple and intuitive.

The standing board combines ample table size with a sophisticated folding mechanism to ensure easy set up and tear down.