We make furniture work harder.
So people can work better.

Our passion is simple: Helping your furniture do more. Over the last 70 years, we’ve become one of the leading suppliers in the thriving furniture sector—a reliable partner giving brands the high-value tubular and sheet metal components they need.

Our high-tech work happens at our Spaichingen site in Baden-Württemberg, Germany—where we bring our passion and skill to work every day. On any given day, you’ll find our team cutting sheet metal at a laser center with robot handling system or working a tubing laser center with fiber technology.

At Merkt, we embrace your ideas, we execute with speed, all to help your furniture perform and thrive in the real world.

Just the facts.

  • Founded in 1952
  • Family-owned company
  • About 145 employees
  • 190,000 sq feet manufacturing area
  • Headquarters: 78549 Spaichingen, Germany (South of Stuttgart)
  • Subsidiary: sales office Holland, MI 49424
  • Sector: metal processing
  • Products: tubular and sheet metal components
  • Managing director: Konrad Merkt

Highest quality under constant control
Certified management systems

Highest quality in the area of management system is the basis for successful cooperation with our customers. With EN ISO 9001:2015/ EN ISO 14001:2015 we meet the highest quality requirements.

A trip through time.

We’ve come a long way over the last 70 years. Here are some highlights.

Today Merkt GmbH is one of the leading office furniture component suppliers in Germany
2022Celebrating 70 years company anniversary
2021-2022Company expansion and investment in a high tech powder coating facility
2021Foundation of Merkt, Inc. - Sales office in USA
2019-2020Company expansion and enhanced investments in robot and automation technologies
2014Increasing investments in material and energy efficiency projects
2010-2012Commissioning of the solar power system with 750 kilowatt peak 
2002Celebrating 50 years company anniversary 
1996Introduction of laser technology 
1992Change of generations 
1985Installation of the first computer system 
1983End of production of hospital beds 
1980Planning and construction of the area in Max-Planck-Str. (today’s site)
1974Start of production of hospital beds 
1968Commissioning of the first powder coating plant 
1967End of the production of agricultural machinery 
1961Start of sheet metal processing and manufacture of tubular frames 
1952Foundation of the company as a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery 

2022. 70th anniversary of the company

"Let's celebrate together" was the motto on the occasion of our company’s 70th anniversary. Together with the staff and their families, external employees and retirees, we were able to celebrate a traditional Oktoberfest.

In his speech, Konrad Merkt emphasized that he was proud of the fact that "we have managed to grow together again and again as a team over the past 70 years and to continue to develop the company successfully together.” He looked forward to continuing on this challenging and certainly successful path together with the employees in the future and thanked them for their support, commitment and hard work. With the new powder coating plant, Merkt is once again demonstrating its innovative strength and thus setting the course for the use of future-oriented technologies.