Desktop Management
Connecting Modules for Desktops.

Simple things often provide the best solution to tasks. This is certainly the case when it comes to securing, aligning and adjusting desktops. For this reason Merkt has designed a series of intelligent, easy-to-mount and cost-effective modules for all desktop management system.

The TV 100 desktop connector is one of them. Its simple, sturdy construction means it can be used anywhere. No special tools are required to mount it and given that it is absolutely symmetrical it can be used with any configuration of the modules. The result is a high degree of user flexibility.

The TV 100 desktop connector
connects and links desktops and other pieces of furniture without tools; it is extremely simple and reliable.

The TV 100 desktop connector 
The modules fit together in any configuration because they are identical in construction.

Components for sliding tops
Sturdy locking mechanism for the safe handling of office desk systems.

Components for clip-on tops
Quick-assembly components for worktops leveling for fixing the desktop to the base frame without tools.