STS Base System
A Highly Flexible Base System.

Our patented STS cupboard base system offers a solution which is as simple as it flexible and which fits the majority of cupboard elements. Available in all widths and depths, the system can be adapted to suit all wardrobe programs. We also provide a wide selection of standard base heights, and can in principle fulfill any special requirements you may have. And you can choose the color – as a standard!

When it comes to stability, STS is everything you would expect it to be: perfectly formed corners with a high load capacity. Units which can be moved and transported without being dismantled are the prime advantage of these carefully designed and proven units.

  1. Tool free assembly 
    1. The panels and the corner connectors simply clip together and are held in exactly the right position at both the bottom and the top.
  2. Can be supplied as a flat pack
    1. Thanks to its modular structure, we can supply this system either as a space-saving flat pack or preassembled to save you time.
  3. High-performance corner connectors
    1. Our corner elements are not only extremely stable, they also include blocking plugs which can, if required, be used to position your cupboard exactly where you want it on the base. The line also includes a number of different footprints.
  4. Connection to the base of the cupboards
    1. The base and the cupboard are firmly connected by means of a single Euro or Spax norm screw per corner.
  5. Solutions for custom-built cupboards
    1. If your cupboards are not standard length, we can provide lever-type hand guns for cutting the panels you require to size on site.

An impressively stable metal-&-plastic corner connection.

Assembly of this all-purpose base system, with a load capacity of 400 kg per corner, requires no tools whatsoever.

Extra corner connectors in the front panel allow you to mount cupboards with pull-down fronts easily and to adjust them from the inside. Merkt base systems come in a large number of standard heights. They can also be supplied in various widths and depths.


Corner connectors with positioning plugs

Corner connectors without positioning plugs

The corner connectors come in various versions, with or without positioning plugs.

Different lengths of footprint can also be used to position the cupboard on the base. Cost-saving steel brackets can also be used as center supports.